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No matter how small the disagreement, the potential to be charged with assault can result in serious charges that include jail, fines, and/or probation. Having an experienced Kentucky assault attorney on your side will be critical to avoiding these charges and exposing the truth regarding the assault.

The defense attorneys at the Fletcher Law Firm have a long and storied history of successfully defending residents throughout the state of Kentucky who have been wrongfully accused of a variety of criminal charges, including assault, battery, and/or aggravated assault. Our goal is to develop a detailed defense that will either see your charges dismissed or downgraded to minimize the consequences of the initial arrest.

What to do After You’re Arrested for Assault

The arresting authorities, whether it be the Hopkinsville Police Department or Kentucky State Police, will begin questioning you on various aspects of the alleged crime. It’s critical that you politely decline to respond until you contact an experienced Kentucky criminal defense lawyer.

The questions the authorities will ask you may include any number of topics such as inquiring about your relationship with the victim; delving into any past criminal history; exploring whether or not you’ve ever undergone any counseling for anger management, etc. Again, the key is to have your defense attorney address these issues on your behalf.

Types of Assault Charges in Kentucky

Depending on the details of the alleged assault, you can be charged with a number of different types of assault. The type of assault you are charged with can depend on whether of not you used an object as a weapon and/or if there was intentional malice involved.

The most common types of Kentucky assault cases include first through fourth degree assault:

  • First Degree Assault
    Considered a Class B felony, first degree assault occurs when a person intentionally causes serious physical injury to someone with a deadly weapon.
  • Second Degree Assault
    Considered a Class C felony, second degree assault occurs when serious injury is inflicted on another person with or without a dangerous weapon.
  • Third Degree Assault
    Considered a Class D felony, third degree assault occurs when injury, or an attempt to injure, involves a specific person acting within the course and scope of their employment.
    (There are a large number of professionals this assault charge applies to, including, police officers, emergency medical personnel, teachers, employees at a detention facility, social workers, etc.)
  • Fourth Degree Assault
    Considered a Class A misdemeanor, fourth degree assault is the least serious assault charge and occurs when physical injury is inflicted on another person or when reckless behavior causes injury by way of a deadly weapon or other instrument.

No matter what type of assault charge you are facing, there are always two sides to every story, and the attorneys at the Fletcher Law Firm will work with you to fully understand the moments leading up to the alleged assault charges.

It is not uncommon to see assault charges reduced and/or completely proven wrong and dismissed. The key is to hiring an experienced Kentucky defense assault attorney.

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